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Salsa Chicks Slendertone Progress

Ok, so I’ve really nothing to report other than that I haven’t been using my Slendertone toning belt.  I used it up until my holiday – then went away for 2 weeks.  Still have this fat around my middle so it’s hard to tell if it had improved my tone though my husband is still convinced that the Slendertone product he uses works!

Since we’ve been back I haven’t used my belt though am aware of it hanging on the door and keep meaning to get back on track (feel like I need it even more now!).  I’ve just started a Body Combat class so think the Slendertone Flex Max would complement that well.

My husband, Karate Kid, has started using his again so watch this space!


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Salsa Chick’s progress with the Slendertone Flex Max

Well another week has flown by and my Slendertone Flex Max has had the least use yet… tut, tut.

We were off for the weekend, so eager to get my toning in I popped the toning belt on to use whilst on the car journey. Unfortunately the battery slowly died on that session which negated the use, so that meant I missed 2 days of using the belt. Having said that I was impressed with how long the first set of batteries lasted, and they provide you with a second set too.

Then hayfever kicked in and I felt too lousy to use it the next day. But last night I was back on track; although I had a Salsa dancing class to teach straight after work I managed to put the belt on for the car journey home. I’m on programme 5, intensity up to 107 and feeling the crunch – lovely. Still not sure it’s working but I am a bit trimmer despite my weight being higher than I’d like.

Salsa Chick

June 17, 2008 at 1:07 pm 2 comments

Salsa Chick’s progress with Slendertone Flex Max

Another week has flown by and once again I seem to be struggling with remembering to use the Flex Max. Having spoken to my husband, Karate Kid, he says he can see it’s making a difference so that’s inspired me a bit more.

I am nevertheless using it but probably 5 days out of 7 (which is the recommendation by Slendertone), but before I was trying to use it every day!

I’m enjoying the pain (it feels like your stomach is being scrunched/pulled-in from the inside) using Programme 4 at max intensity (99). In fact one day I couldn’t even bear it at that intensity and had to drop it down. I still find it fascinating that it feels so much stronger when you’re sitting as opposed to standing. Anyone know why that is?

So, here’s to carrying on and hopefully seeing the difference by the time I get to week 8!

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Salsa Chick’s slowing down with the Slendertone Flex Max!

Well I’m feeling a bit guilty as although I’ve probably still kept up with using the Slendertone Flex Max 5 times a week, for some reason I’m forgetting to use and it’s being delayed. No longer am I coming in and throwing it straight on… but instead thinking (around bedtime) ‘oh no, I haven’t used my toning belt’ so there I am at midnight trying to get my 30 minutes in.

Having said that, I’m delighted to be on to Programme 4 and have used it to the maximum intensity available at that level – 99 – for quite a few days.

I found it to be quite painful over the last few days, feeling like part of it was digging in; I suspected it was the pads wearing(?) and perhaps the digging in was of the metal studs. So anyway, I changed the Slendertone pads and it’s fine again.

My stomach could well be Slendertoning but I think my excess fat is covering it up nicely (or should I say, not so nicely)… so I’m still not sure what my progress is, but surely ‘pain is gain’ and I’m experiencing a bit of that at least.

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Week One: Salsa Chick’s progress with Slendertone Flex Max

I’ve now had the Slendertone Flex Max for over a week and am really enjoying it. I have no idea if it’s doing any good but with the contractions I endure surely it must be!!

I feel quite foolish about my initial entry as I wrote about the intensity being 4/5 and, admittedly not being able to increase it (thinking it was down to the machine itself). Still don’t know if that was the case or if it was user error. Anyway, through using the Slendertone Flex Max for six days out of seven, I’ve got on to Slendertone Programme 4 with an intensity level of about 75 – really feeling it now. J

It’s so easy to use; I come in from work and just put it on whilst I’m cooking dinner (sounds ironic, I know). If there’s a time I can’t quite fit it in, then I put it on whilst travelling in the car (not driving I hasten to add). There really is no excuse for not using it.

Took some measurements so that I will know my before and after for 4-8 weeks time. Fingers crossed…

Before: Week One: My Slendertone Flex Max

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Salsa Chick steps up to the Slendertone Flex Max challenge

So this is it – the girl who’s never knowingly had a stomach muscle now has the Slendertone Flex Max. Very excitedly I opened the box and ‘prepared’ my Flex Max. Whilst normally being an advocate of instructions, I was so eager to try my Slendertone that I scanned quickly and just put it on (I promise I’ll read the instructions thoroughly before I next use it).

What’s my background? Well, I’m a Salsa dancer & teacher and whilst I eat fairly healthily, can’t resist the ‘cakes’ in the office and chocolate. I try and walk where I can and every morning do 10 minutes on a Cross Trainer or Total Gym (at home). I HATE the thought of going to the Gym and any exercise that doesn’t involve fun of some sort BUT having had a weight problem since the age of 13 have to keep on top of things. Also, I’m married to Karate Kid and he’s the epitome of discipline so is always on my case about what I eat and what exercise I do.

Some years ago, friends had a muscle stimulation ‘thing’ with pads. They tried it on me and said they’d keep it low as it was new, however, they had to turn it right up before I could feel it – not sure what that means but I’m sure it’s down to my lack of any apparent muscles in the stomach area.

Last night I put the new Slendertone Flex Max on. First it was a bit too high (I have a high waist so that’s probably why) – so I moved it down a bit so it was slightly below my waist. I tried to increase the intensity till I could feel it but it only went up to 4 – think that’s because it was my first time. That was for 20 minutes or so. Then after that, I put it on again and managed to increase it to 5 – this was a stronger feeling, again for 20 minutes. It was strange – a little bit tingly but didn’t stop me working away on a spreadsheet on my PC. J

I’m looking forward to trying again tonight – increasing the intensity and checking the position is correct, and reading the instructions of course!

Salsa Chick

April 23, 2008 at 1:48 pm 1 comment

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