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Week 1: Slendertone System Mini – First Look for Vicki

The packaging for the Slendertone Mini was very good. I like all the art work on the box, the product looks high quality and not tacky. When unpacking the Slendertone Mini I was supprise at the size of the skirt. The skirt is a wrap around and there was a lot of fabric. Setting up the Slendertone Mini was very straight forward, I tend to read all set up instructions on most items so I was not confused by the guides. The gel pads are very easy to get in the right place and once the control was charged up I was ready to go.

Having used the Slendertone System belt before I was aware of the variations in power the products could give out. As this product focuses on a different area I was a bit dubious what level I could initially start on.

Once I was up and running it felt very strange at first, I could feel my muscles tense once I moved up to level 35. I started walking around the house and could feel the Slendertone Mini working even more. After the next 5 minutes I decided to sit down and watch TV, I personally felt the product works better standing and using the muscles naturally – i.e walking round the house doing various jobs, i.e cooking.

The first go on the Slendertone Mini didn’t leave me aching but I am sure once I use it more it will have more of an impact.

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