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Do you use Slendertone at work?

I used the Slendertone system abs over the weekend a total of 5 days this week. I haven’t noticed anything like when I used it last time. Last time i was doing about 2 hours a day – sitting at my desk is the easiest way it seems.

Do other people use Slendertone at work ?


November 3, 2008 at 12:17 pm 1 comment

Getting into a Slendertone routine

I feel fairly ashamed…..having got into quite a routine with my Slendertone, I fell off the Slendertone wagon this week big time.

Can’t quite put my finger on it,but i think part of it is me not being organised and charging up the belt. so when  think, put on the belt….oh but haven’t plugged it in to charge it, that’s when it all falls down

What i need is a proper routine, and have begun to put it into place now…

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Motivational ideas for getting into Slendertone

I have been a bit bad and not used the Slendertone System Abs for the last few days.  I managed to get the level back up to 7 – I find 40 minutes a much better work out and the reps are more intense. I feel this is better by far. I am currently at 85 on the power level and I find this quite comfortable and I am aiming to do 80 minutes to make up for being a bit slack. I am not sure it works like this but if anyone has any feedback or motivational ideas that would be great! Thanks!

I’ll let you know I’m getting on with my progress with Slendertone

October 8, 2008 at 12:55 pm 1 comment

Richard comes back to Slendertone

I had used a Slendertone previously and have started on level 3 at 70. I am using it at my desk and I can feel my muscles being tensed every 4 or 5 seconds.

Rather than follow the 6 week plan which involves dietary changes and various exercises I have decided to use it daily at work.

My current weight is 13 stone and I am 6’2. I cycle to work about once a week and do quite abit of walking.

I would like to get some definition and lose a bit of weight from my stomach.

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Christine begins the Slendertone System Abs

Well, full of good intentions, I charged up my Slendertone, put it on, mucked up the settings, took it off, then put it on again…thankfully, this time it worked.

I wore it whilst doing some housework, and didn’t really notice I was wearing it.

The second time I wore it, it was the same, although, a couple of hours later I felt a metallic taste in my mouth, similar to that I’ve felt when having to hold an electric rod during facials. (there is probably a proper word for this, but bear with me).

Since then, my life has been somewhat chaotic, so I havent put the belt on for two days, despite my best intentions. However, this weekend, I intend to get back on track

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Karate Kid max’s up with Slendertone

Still using the Slendertone belt on a regular basis and now on the max power setting 99. I am swapping around on the programmes as number 7 gives a 40 minute work out whereas the others are 30 minutes but the patterns and rhythms change. The battery has lasted well and only just had to recharge it again. Although I thought the pads were wearing they are still okay for now.

I can feel and see a difference and the muscles feel stronger and tighter. I have also just started the “plank” – I have heard of this before but was listening to Chris Evans, good music and chat to drive home to, and he had a guest who said this was the best exercise for abs. so doing that now as well. Only a few more weeks to some sunshine in the Red Sea, weather here is really naff and quite depressing but good for my very green grass.

June 5, 2008 at 8:46 am 3 comments

Karate Kids can feel the difference with Slendertone

I can see and feel a difference now, the muscles are tighter and stronger although perhaps not as visible. I am still using the Slendertone belt and changing around the programmes and upping the level to almost the max. I am still amazed at the reaction each time the “wave” of contraction approaches and how the muscle react. I guess it does get a little addictive to experience the reaction.

I did see, briefly, the new advert on the televison the other day for Slendertone. The karate is going well and Kyusho training, having a stronger abdomen is good to fend off some of the attacks although strong muscles are not always an advantage as they can make some of the techniques more painful. The mind is a powerful tool where visualisation, colours, sounds, yin and yang, time of the day, and stances can all make a big difference to a particular technique. Only a few more weeks to our holiday in the sun and swimming /snorkeling in the Red Sea.

More later, Karate Kid

May 27, 2008 at 10:24 am Leave a comment

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